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We are a lucky bunch.

Posted in America today,Politics by lhkellett on October 4, 2009
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On my walk this morning, I was especially enjoying the view throughout my neighboorhood. Last night’s rain had cleared, the lawns look plush and green and the leaves are starting to show some scattered color. My mind wanders through things to do later today, company coming this week, need to dust upstairs and then settles in on what I see as an American mess of politics and overall attitude right now.  Bummer – I liked thinking about the pretty colors better!

We gripe a lot here in the US. Of course, we have the right to gripe – because we live in the US. In Iran, they have to be careful not to gripe in front of the wrong people, in Tibet they can’t say anything bad about China, in several countries in Africa, they are too weak or tired or hungry to gripe … I could go on, but I hope you get my point. So, to all of you out there busying yourselves by posting divisive commentary on your facebook wall or tweeting complaints about ‘Obama socialism’ or watching Fox crazies reinvent the meaning of words to suit their own agenda and so on – think for just one moment about how lucky you are that you are able to do all of these things without fearing anything more than a nasty comment back from someone who disagrees with you.  We may not love everything about living here, but I don’t see many of us choosing to make a life somewhere else. 

So, do yourself (and others around you) a favor – stop the madness. Let’s have civil discussions about what is happening. Let’s look at words and try to understand the true intent. Let’s not listen to people who’s only intent is to mislead and rile people up. Let’s not jump on every darn bandwagon before we do our homework about what the real story might be. Let’s get sensible people!


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